Original Super Duty

for blown glass, bowls & heavier wall sculptures

Super Duty Stand-Off


The patented original super duty stand-off is a non-drilling hardware and has been a popular style. The original super duty stand-offs was designed for the glassblower who can have larger heavier pieces with only one attachment point and it is orientated on the piece of glass in which the glass will always display with a particular design at the top. The super duty stand-off has a streamlined design in which no screws are visible once the stand-off is placed into the bracket on the wall. This stand-off can have up to a 1 1/2″ surface area and a no flex bracket.

Original super duty stand-offs is typically used one stand-off per piece of artwork. This is a streamlined system with no screws showing and no flex in the bracket. This stand-off is orientated on the artwork designating a “top” and “bottom”. Additional angles can be achieved by rotating the bracket.

Super duty stand-offs are available three diameters and four lengths. Polished and black.

Adhesive sold separately.

Hang Your Glass adhesive required for a secure long & lasting application.

Hang Your Glass Adhesive

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Super Easy to Hang

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HANG YOUR GLASS Adhesive Required!

super-duty stand-off chart

When using the charts first go by the scale of your piece rather than the weight. For most applications the scale of the piece of glass will determine the diameter needed for the stand-off.

J3/4"< 12"
K1"< 15"
L1 1/2"> 15"

*WARNING: Pound ratings are based on the bracket only. Effectiveness can be diminished based on the dimensions and/or thickness of the artwork and/or the material and conditions of your wall. Keep out of reach of children.

** All Super Duty Hang Your Glass brackets are marked with the company name to ensure the quality and maintain the integrity of our products.