Stainless Steel Backgrounds

Use stainless steel backgrounds to show off your glass

Artist Credit: Helen Badarak

Hang Your Glass now offers stainless steel backgrounds to show off your glass. We are currently offering a stainless steel textured background. Each background comes with the appropriate Hang Your Glass hardware already affixed to the back. As you can see in our samples we love to combine the backgrounds with the nesting stand-offs to allow for more dimension and truly move the artwork into a sculptural piece.

Of course, you can always adhere the glass directly to the Stainless Steel background as well. We recommend using the Hang Your Glass adhesive in combination with the stainless steel background and HXTAL for any of the textured backgrounds.

In our video we show easy ways in which to incorporate the stand-offs into your artwork and how to determine which adhesive to use and why. Basically, if you have a flat surface area please use the Hang Your Glass adhesive. If there is any uneven surfaces of glass or metal, gaps and/or frit castings then HXTAL is the best adhesive for those applications.

In addition, you can also easily use the specialty disc on the brushed stainless steel to rough up your own pattern.

More sizes and textures coming soon!


More Details About Stainless Steel Backgrounds