Locking Stand-Offs

For small artwork

Artist: Joel O’Dorisio

All patented locking stand-offs are sold in individual units with the brackets and screws. Use one locking stand-off per piece of artwork. Ideally, our locking stand-offs are designed to hold any shape less than 9″ X 9″ and less than 5lbs*. Our locking stand-offs are available in four lengths and are great for layering and larger compositions.

Hang Your Glass designed the locking stand-off so that only one should be used on a piece of glass. If your glass is larger than 10″ x 10″ then you should use the Round or Super Duty stand-offs or your artwork will tilt back into the wall.

Hang Your Glass adhesive required for a secure and long lasting installation.

Hang Your Glass Adhesive

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general applications

HANG YOUR GLASS Adhesive Required!

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locking stand-off chart

When using the charts first go by the scale of your piece rather than the weight. For most applications the scale of the piece of glass will determine the diameter needed for the stand-off. Individual use only, one locking stand-off per piece of glass.

E5/8"< 9"