HXTAL Adhesive

HXTAL Adhesive

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Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Sheet

“stronger than the glass” and permanent

For glass, metal, ceramics, plastic, stone, wood, ivory

Adhesive Requirements:

  • Gap Filling & Uneven Surfaces
  • Surface area 5/8” or greater for best results
  • Set time 72 hours at room temp 72° or higher, cure time 7 days
  • Pre-Measured
  • Bonds to most materials
Easy as 1,2,3…

Instructions for use:

1. Clean both the metal and the glass with 100% Acetone. This can be
purchased from your local hardware store (paint department). No substitutes such as Isopropyl or nail polish remover should be used for cleaning.

2. Pour B into part A. Stir content with spatula included with a smooth swirl motion. Keep lid off and let sit in a dust free room for 2 hours to let tiny air bubble to travel to the top and dissipate. The longer it sets, the thicker it will become.

3. Apply the epoxy to the desired area of glass (or other median) and place stand-off on glass. Tape the stand-off to guarantee the placement during the 72 hour set time (room temperature), expect longer if you are filling a gap.

HXTALTM cures in 7 days at room temperature.

Notes: To speed up the set and/or cure time increase the temperature in the room. If you want to clean up excess adhesive use an Xacto knife after the epoxy has set. HXTALTM does not expire but once mixed you can freeze and use one more time within 7 days. It will become thicker the second and final use, or the longer it sits.

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