Edge Grip

For gripping around the edges of glass art

New! Edge grip stand-offs are great for flat glass and especially designed for standard thicknesses of glass art. These stylish stand-offs have openings in which the glass is cradled around the edges. Two options for background glass up to 1/4″ & 1/2″ thicknesses. No drilling or adhesive required.

These stand-offs are great for panels that are square or rectangular. The edge grips can be placed two on top and two on the bottom or on every side. They are easy to install with the template on the front of packaging. Place behind stand-off, line up channel on the glass and trace a section of diameter. Remove the hardware and place template where you traced and then pinpoint the center point where the screw or anchor will go. Repeat for additional stand-offs.

Edge Grip stand-offs are available two diameters and two lengths. Polished, black, and white.

more details about edge grip stand-offs

general applications

edge grip stand-off chart

*Refers to the thickness of background glass, may have additional layers of detail.

P5/8"< 15 lbs1/4"
Q7/8"> 15 lbs1/2"

WARNING: Pound ratings are based on the stand-off only. Effectiveness can be diminished based on the the material and conditions of your wall. Keep out of reach of children.