360 Super Duty

The patented 360 super duty stand-offs were designed for the glassblower who can have larger heavier pieces with only one attachment point but they can be used in almost any application. The super duty stand-off has a streamlined design in which no screws are visible once the stand-off is placed into the bracket on the wall.

The 360 Super Duty stand-off offers more flexibility during the installation phase. It allows the artist and/or the customer to instantly flip the artwork and all angles are compatible by rotating the bracket. This stand-off can have up to a 1 1/2″ surface area and a no flex bracket.

Super duty stand-offs are available three diameters and four NEW lengths. Polished available now, black coming soon.

Adhesive sold separately.

Hang Your Glass adhesive required for a secure long lasting application.

Hang Your Glass Adhesive

more details about 360 super-duty stand-offs

1.5″ Diameter, varied lengths used

Splatters (Height: 25-35″, Weight 10-15lbs)

360 super-duty stand-off chart

When using the charts first go by the scale of your piece rather than the weight. For most applications the scale of the piece of glass will determine the diameter needed for the stand-off.

J3/4"< 12"
K1"< 15"
L1 1/2"> 15"