2-D Round Stand-Offs


2-D Round Stand-Offs

Artist: Paul Messick

New! Round Stand-offs designed similar to the super duty’s but are for using more than one on a piece of artwork. They have a sleek streamlined look with a self-adjusting slide for ridged material. These highly engineered stand-offs will hold some serious weight (see video with 40lb. panel of glass). The Hang Your Glass adhesive is the best and most weight bearing adhesive. Plus, they are ideal for larger planes of glass such as sandblasted dry erase boards which are typically 4’ x 6’. These can be used on smaller panels of glass if you cosmetically like this clean design.

Typically, two stand-offs are sufficient for most applications. We offer them in sets of two, 1” or 1 ½” diameter and 1” length on both. You can also buy a single separately if you need the third stand-off.

Please see the video(s) with instructions on placement, lining up and installing.

Two stand-offs will handle most projects but we have an option to buy one individually if you want three stand-offs for a very large plane of glass.

Adhesive sold separately.

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Super Easy to Hang

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