180 Nesting

Create 3D Glass Art and Rotate 180 Degrees

NEW patented 180 nesting stand-offs are used for glass to glass applications. This NEW nesting stand-off allows the artist and/or consumer to instantly flip the glass 180 degrees. The two most common techniques are using the standoffs to stack multiple firings of glass and/or to hide make an overlapping seam to make a multiple firings appear as one single piece of glass.

Combining these nesting stand-offs with the other Hang Your Glass wall mounts makes for a truly unique piece of art with lots of dimension. Nesting stand-offs detach for shipping and cleaning. Choose the diameter that is proportional to the piece of glass that is to be nested.

If you are attaching to aluminum background the nesting stand-off is the best option. Make sure aluminum is free of oxidation and clear paint prior to attaching the stand-off.

Available in polished or black.

Adhesive sold separately.

Hang Your Glass adhesive required for a secure & long lasting installation.

Hang Your Glass Adhesive

more details about 180 nesting stand-offs

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general applications

HANG YOUR GLASS Adhesive Required!

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180 nesting stand-off chart

When using the charts first go by the scale of your piece rather than the weight. For most applications the scale of the piece of glass will determine the diameter needed for the stand-off.


P3/4"< 8"
Q1"> 8"
R1 1/2">24"

WARNING: Pound ratings are based on the bracket only. Effectiveness can be diminished based on the dimensions and/or thickness of the artwork and/or the material and conditions of your wall. Keep out of reach of children.