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"I love each Hang Your Glass system as they free me to focus on the look and feel of the art. I could not have put a 20-foot dragon on the wall without the non-drilling system. The edge grip system provides yet one more elegant option for those times when one cannot permanently affix the standoff. Thank you Hang Your Glass!" Kate MacLeod
"I took some very nice pictures of my wall glass the other day as the sunlight was shining in from a window. They are interesting. Anyway, I thought of all the help you were in getting our glass displayed. Hang Your Glass is a great Product!" Scott Carlile - Dallas, TX
"The sleek, study stand-offs that allow huge, fragile pieces of glass to float and overlap each other invisibly. They are perfect for a wall installation of any size. Hang Your Glass representatives understand all aspects of blown and fused glass. They are always conscious of the artist's aesthetic and make sure the products are perfect for the task." Pat Cole, Chameleon Design - Seattle, WA
"First off, let me say that one of my favorite features about this system is that you can easily and nicely space the piece further off the wall to achieve greater depth and shadow behind the piece. My other favorite feature is that with the locking mounts you can control the orientation of the piece to do difficult orientations without showing any hardware.

Anyway, the real reason that I'm writing is about the bond strength. This stuff is STRONG! Coming from an engineering background where I am accustomed to seeing bonds fail, I was skeptical of this system. It's been a couple of years now since I glued my first medium length mount to a cone 10 fired ceramic wall hanging. It should be noted that with any bonding process, following instructions for the cleaning and priming makes a big difference. At any rate, that first piece recently broke in transit but your mount stayed firmly glued on. Sind the piece itself was headed to the trash, I decided to test the bond strength. I tried to pull it off, no luck. Still determined, I took a hammer to the side of the mount - guaranteed something was going to break - what did I learn? The glue is stronger than the ceramics! Wonderful! That's one less thing for me to worry about! I'm very satisfied. Just remember not to take a hammer to anything you want to keep!" Erik Walberg, Engineer - San Jose, CA

"There are fused glass fish, seahorses and a turtle. The sea turtle is quite large, about 24" from fin tip to fin tip, and required two hangers. The Hang Your Glass system is the perfect method for displaying this type of work – It's easy to use, secure and allows the light to play through the glass just enough to show a bit of depth. Finding this system inspired me to keep creating this type of work!" Cara DiMassimo, The Glass Palette - Charlottesville, VA
"I Remember opening up my kiln after fusing a glass piece that took days to design and put together and the first thing that I saw was the UGLY hanger that I made out of high temp wire in order to mount the piece to the wall. I thought there must be something better and did an internet search and found Hang Your Glass stand-offs. I had to have them NOW! What a wonderful idea, I thought, but would they actual work? Yes, they did - and I have used them now for years and I have been ordering these amazing hangers ever since. They make my pieces a thousand times more marketable. Love them and will be a customer forever!" Janet Shoulder, Montana Art Glass
"The glass hangers worked great!" Ralph Ward, DraftMasters, Inc.
"While doing fused glass artwork for over twenty years, I was always looking for a way to hang many of my pieces in a clean, safe and efficient manner. I was very excited to discover the Hang Your Glass system. After using it with over 100 of my pieces in many different installation locations, I have been satisfied beyond my expectations.

Easy to use and worry free make it an ideal solution for hanging my fused art pieces of all sizes and shapes. A variety of functions and lengths makes Hang Your Glass applicable for most any piece in single or multiple applications.

I have been selling the product line in my retail store now since 2005 with no complaints! " Michael Millsap, Blue Dolphin Art Glass - San Diego, CA

"I would not be able to do what I am doing, glass-wise, if it was not for the Hang Your Glass system. I see projects that have I done with the stand-offs and it gives me the confidence I need to go forward with projects that seemed un-doable before." Carol Bogovich - Mendocino, CA
"I was delighted to discover "Hang Your Glass" before a big solo gallery show. It took the work up a notch, allowing a professional presentation and a way to ensure that people could feel great about purchasing the work and hanging it in their homes. Hang Your Glass is the final touch in presenting many of my works. The customer service and technical support is the best!" Sharda Murray-Kieken
"When I am hanging a $30k. commission at a height of 25 feet, the integrity of the Hang your Glass system ensures my confidence. Hang your Glass continues to drive my creativity to new levels." Lyn Gentry, Hot Sands Glass
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