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Round Stand-Offs for panels and larger projects!
Ideal for panels and larger artwork Hang Your Glass recommends that you use the round stand-offs. The round stand-offs are designed to have more than one stand-off holding the piece of glass art to the wall. Typically four stand-offs are used on square panels. For larger panels increase the diameter of the stand-off, see chart for more detailed information.

Generally, any panel/flat glass over 10" X 10" will need more than one stand-off to equally float the glass off the wall. You want to place the stand-offs close enough to the edges that you can get your hand behind the work while installing it. There is a simple and accurate way to hang artwork without measuring, download the instructions.

Adhesive sold separately

The Hang Your Glass adhesive is "stronger than the glass". It's a critical component to the effectiveness when hanging your art glass. It sets in 5-10 minutes, good for indoor/outdoor use and lasts over 300 years once it cured.

All round stand-off sets are sold in sets of four. Includes bracket and fasteners.

Artist: Natalie Martin
200-S4 - STYLE A
Small Round - 5/8" Length
201-S4 - STYLE B
Small Round - 5/8" Length
Artist Lyn Gentry
100-S4 - STYLE A
Original Round - 1 1/8" Length
101-S4 - STYLE B
Original Round - 1 1/8" Length
Artist Viki Keating
103-S4 - STYLE C
Original Round - 1 1/8" Length
300-S4 - STYLE B
Medium Round - 1 1/2" Length
400-S4 - STYLE B
Long Round - 2" Length
Round Stand-Off Chart
When using the chart, we recommend you first consider the size of the glass, then the weight to determine the appropriate diameter of the stand-offs needed for your artwork. Each alphabetical style corresponds with a product number.

Adhesive sold separately

< 7lbs.
< 10"
< 15 lbs.
< 18"
< 25 lbs.
> 18"
*Chart sizes & weights reflect using a set of four stand-offs.
General Application Instructions
General Application Instructions Locking Stand-Offs
HANG YOUR GLASS Adhesive Required!
WARNING: Pound ratings are based on the bracket only. Effectiveness can be diminished based on the dimensions and/or thickness of the artwork and/or the material and conditions of your wall. Keep out of reach of children.
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"When I am hanging a $30k. commission at a height of 25 feet, the integrity of the Hang your Glass system ensures my confidence. Hang your Glass continues to drive my creativity to new levels." Lyn Gentry, Hot Sands Glass
"After using Hang Your Glass with over 100 of my pieces in many different installation locations, I have been satisfied beyond my expectations." Michael Millsap, Blue Dolphin Art Glass
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