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Locking Stand-Offs for small projects!
All locking stand-offs are sold in individual units with the brackets and screws. Use one locking stand-off per piece of artwork. Ideally, our locking stand-offs are designed to hold any shape less than 9" X 9" and less than 5lbs*. Our locking stand-offs are available in four lengths and are great for layering and larger compositions.

Hang Your Glass designed the locking stand-off so that only one should be used on a piece of glass. If your glass is larger than 10" x 10" then you should consider using the Round or Super Duty stand-offs.

The Hang Your Glass adhesive is "stronger than the glass". It's a critical component to the effectiveness when hanging your art glass. It sets in 5-10 minutes, good for indoor/outdoor use and lasts over 300 years once it cured.

Adhesive sold separately

Artist Isaiah Heyer
202-LK - STYLE E
Small Locking - 5/8" Length
102-LK - STYLE E
Original Locking - 1 1/4" Length
Artist Sharda Murray-Kieken
301-LK - STYLE E
Medium Locking - 1 1/2" Length
401-LK - STYLE E
Long Locking - 2" Length
Locking Stand-Off Chart
< 5lbs.
< 9"
When using the chart, we recommend you first consider the size of the glass, then the weight, to determine the appropriate stand-off needed for your artwork. Individual use only, one locking stand-off per piece of glass.

Adhesive sold separately

General Application Instructions
General Application Instructions Locking Stand-Offs
HANG YOUR GLASS Adhesive Required!
WARNING: Pound ratings are based on the bracket only. Effectiveness can be diminished based on the dimensions and/or thickness of the artwork and/or the material and conditions of your wall. Keep out of reach of children.
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"My favorite features about the Hang Your Glass system is that you can easily and nicely space the piece further off the wall to achieve greater depth and shadow behind the piece." Erik Walberg, Engineer
"Hang Your Glass is the final touch in presenting many of my works. The customer service and technical support is the best!" Sharda Murray-Kieken
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